Green Vegetable (TETE)


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Tete, (amaranth greens), is one of the most commonly found green leafy vegetables in Nigeria. Usually eaten by adding to soups and serving with a carbohydrate rich side dish like pounded yam or gari….


They contain high levels of minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants that can help eliminate/reduce the effects of free radicals in the body.

Eating amaranth leaves regularly can have great impact for those on a weight management plan

As with some other super foods, amaranth leaves contain some key enzymes like lysine, which are excellent for inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. Regular consumption is advised.

Can help to prevent arthritis, gout or other inflammations in the body….but note….those already suffering from any of these conditions must avoid eating amaranth greens..

Help in bone development and strengthen bones. Recommended during pregnancy, to eliminate risks of birth defects.

The leave are easy to digest and due to high levels of dietary fibre they support a healthy digestive system.

Other benefits attributed to an increased consumption of amaranth leaves…prevention of anemia, easing of skin problems and lowering of  calcium deficiency.


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